Glenorchy Knights

Privacy policy

At Glenorchy Knights Football Club we treat any personal information that we collect as a result of enquiries, requests etc. with the strictest professionalism and confidence. Personal information is not entered on our database without your consent. Personal details are only entered onto our database upon receiving your request to do so.

Your information does not get sold or distributed onto any other party, except for contracted suppliers responsible for delivering e-mail campaigns, or mail-outs. This is a one-off usage and the database is not retained by the supplier. We do not distribute your e-mail address to other companies or organisations without your authorisation.

If you supply us with your postal address, email address, or mobile number you may receive periodic mailings from Glenorchy Knights Football Club with information on news and upcoming events. If you wish to not receive such information, please notify us know by sending an e-mail, calling or writing to us.